Clarity is King

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Many of us set goals but never achieve them. Why? Well the answer is simple. We don’t really have clarity. We set such vague goals that achieving them become one of two things. Either too complicated or too out of our reach. For example, people may say something like, ” My goal is to be successful!” Okay, great! Successful at what? What is success to you? Do you see how it quickly becomes too complicated and overwhelming? Our brains need specific instructions.

If I was to place you in a room and give you instructions to go somewhere in the roo


m. Then, as you start walking I placed a chair in your way. Guess what you will do? You will stop and decided “Well, this is somewhere” . However, if I was to say go to the other side of the room next to the door. Your brain will have specific instructions and even if I place the same chair in your way this time you will find a way to get there. You may go around the chair, you may even jump over the chair. But you will get there. (This example was used by Simon Sinek. Author/marketing consultant/motivational speaker)

So lets give our brains clarity and specific instructions shall we…

  1. What is your goal?

    Now I need you to give me a very clear goal. Example: I want to write my first self help book. Remember: The more clear you are the easier it will be for your brain to process.


  2. Why this goal?

A Tip: the whys that have a bigger impact are those that have less to do with you and more to do with others. Example: Jeff Bezos created amazon. His why is customer experience. He obsesses/ sets goals over how he can do things quicker, better, cheaper for you, the customer. His current obsession/ goal is for the company to make history. You see how it is not about him at all!

3. How will you achieve this goal?

Now it is time to set a game plan. How will you achieve this? In school they teach us to read a book from beginning to end and each sentence from left to right. In business and in goal setting you start with the end goal in mind. You start with where you want to end up and work yourself to where you need to start. Now, like everything in life there is more than one way to achieve things. You have to set your path, your game plan. Example: Your goal is to play in the NBA. okay so in breaking it down. One might play college basketball or play overseas. To get drafted for college basketball it helps if you play high school basket ball. By doing this you can determine the work that needs to be done in each stage and how to really achieve your goals.

4. When?

Now that you have a game plan you have to set a time limit not only for your overall goal but for your smaller goals as well. This does two things. 1. It creates urgency for you to actually do so


mething. 2. It holds you accountable if you don’t. Example: You want to lose 10lbs in a month. that means you can break it down to losing 2.5 lbs. per week. You see if you don’t reach your weekly goal two things can happen. One, you would have to crank up the effort in the remaining weeks. Two, not reach your goal. Setting time limits is there so you can actually take action. Remember, we want to give our brains specific instructions.

Now that you have the tools to set your goals the sky is the limit. So on the next blog lets talk about our goals in 3 important pillars of life. Health, wealth, and personal development. Why these pillars matter to have a good life. Remember, You can do this!

Ready Set Goal!!

The more clarity you have, the more powerful your goal is”

-Robert G. Allen

Written by: Lupita G.

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