Three Pillars To A Great Life


Health, Wealth, And Personal Development


Hey guys, so these past couple of days have been full of enjoyment for me. I came to visit my family whopexels-photo-248820.jpeg live seven hours away from me. I also got to see my baby sister graduate from Dixie State University. Not to mention that I am surrounded by natural beauty. Everywhere I look there are beautiful red mountains. All of this has made me a bit emotional. It made me think about life and why it is worth giving a damn.


 We have talked about clarity and the heavy impact it carries. Clarity is what turns something out of reach into something you can accomplish.  We also touched on goals and goal setting because clarity and goal setting go hand in hand to change your life. ( In case you haven’t had the chance to read it. Clarity is King.) We talked about the importance of the what, why, how, and when. So now that we know how to set goals to have clarity lets figure out in what aspects of our life we should set goals and why they matter. I like to look at it as three main pillars to our everyday life: health, wealth, and personal development.  The moment we make improvements in these three areas we can really begin to transform our lives. So let’s talk about each of them and set goals


*write down your goals somewhere you can see them every day multiple times a day*






Why: Health is one of the most import things you can focus on. We get one body in this life time take care of it!  Money, success, love, cars, houses, and fans don’t matter if you are ill or dead.


Benefits: When your healthy you are able to concentrate better. You will have strength, stamina, confidence, and sense of accomplishment. Not to mention that the habits you need to get and stay healthy carry on to any other aspects of life.


Goal: Example- I would like to get my diabetes under control within a year by watching what I eat and walking more.  




Why: Many people have a misconception that money is “evil” or that money is only for greedy people. You know who says that? Broke people. You want to create wealth to be generous with the world. You want to create wealth as a tool to empower projects and people that matter.


Benefits: You have better problems. Problems will always exist. You need to create better ones for yourself. The homeless guy and Mark Cuban both have money problems. Mark Cuban may need to decide between two companies to invest on. The homeless guy has a problem of lack of money. Which problem do you want to have?


Goal: Example- I want to start saving on average of 150 a week to save 600 a month. Which will equal 7,200 a year. In 12 years that would be 86,400 for my kids college fund.


Personal Development pexels-photo-103127


Why: When you work on yourself you are able to view the world differently. You will unlock your power and your freedom. You will be able to take action without apologies because you will take action with purpose.


Benefits: You will learn to love yourself.


                 You will have better relationships.


                You will better serve the world.


Goal: Example- I want to practice gratitude and self- love by keeping a journal of what I am grateful for and what I love about myself.


I wish you the best of luck in this new journey. I want to take advantage that I am in a beautiful place that focuses so much on health and we will talk about it on the next blog- 3 Ways to Start Your New Health Journey.


Remember, you can this!!!!!!




“Life may bring chaos but if you maintain balance within yourself. The outside world will have no choice but to restore it as well”




Written By: Lupita

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