Finding Health According To A Small Town

3 Ways To Start Your New Health Journey

When people meet me its not long before they learn that my love for Utah is great. In many ways I think it save


d my life. I was 19 when I moved to St. George, Utah from California. I was so broken mentally, physically, and spiritually. However, when I arrived to St. George I was received by such a breath of fresh air, literally. The air is so clear and fresh it is like a dream. When I moved it was such a small town, everyone knew each other, so yes they did look at me weird. I was one of such a few latinos in town. However, after their very brief glance of “your new” they would show a warm smile and a delighted wave. I began to heal.

I learned so much about health by how people in this town approached life. I learned it is more than wanting to be “hot” or “magazine perfect”. That your physical health is more complex than just abs, legs, arms, and gluts. Most importantly that it is not just physical but mental and spiritual as well. So lets talk about three ways you can start your health journey in your physical, mental, and spiritual life according to a St. George lifestyle.


  • Eat what your body needs. Treat it as a temple. When you see it this way you won’t feel like your depriving yourself but instead nourishing it with the right things.
  • Gym is not life, the outside is. Go for a hike. Enjoy the beauty the world has to offer.
  • Consider pampering yourself to a spa day , yes I said it, spa. Your health also involves your muscles feeling good not just looking good, your lymphatic system, (the lymphatic system is what helps your body gewellness-massage-relax-relaxing-56884.jpegt rid of toxins), and your skin. If they are treated well, you will look and feel great.


  • Create a journey to declutter your mind. I like to use a declutter journal for two things. To clear my head in the morning because I tend to overthink. I also use it when I feel blue. I write down how I feel and it helps me release it from my mind onto paper.
  • Challenge yourself to acknowledge when you are having a negative thought. Call yourself on it and see if you can change it onto a positive.
  • Simply be present. The more present you are the more full of life your experiences will be.


  • Practice gratitude. The more grateful you are of what you currently have in your life the more content you will be.
  • Meditate. The daily practice of breathing and relaxing your body will help you greatly. Specially if you suffer from anxiety.
  • Realize what an amazing miracle you are and how many miracles you are surrounded by. In Utah you have the beautiful mountains and the beautiful views. it is not hard to realize how amazing our creator is. So go outside. Look at the moon, gaze at the stars.pexels-photo-169789.jpeg

Remember, you can do this! Start small. You will get there. And if you ever have a chance to visit Utah. It will be a trip you won’t forget.

“Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically just as you are spiritually.”

– 3 John 1:2 Holman

Written By: Lupita

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