Second Chance

Get Back Up!

Today I woke up pondering on why so many people fall. They get their hearts broken and their dreams crushed. However, they never get back up. The answer I think lies on how much identity of us we put into those failures. Someone breaks our hearts we must not be loveable. Someone says no to our idea and we assume we as a human beings are a no. Failure will only be avoided if you don’t live. So if your planning on actually living life. On pursuing your dreams and on living your best life you must understand one thing. You will fall. People will hurt you but that’s not your identity. Your identity is what you choose to be, do, and say. No one, and I mean no one can take that away from you.

So what if failed, get up. So what if that girl/guy didn’t like you, get up. So what if you made a mistake, get up! Life’s second act is much better than a first anyway. You have more wisdom, compassion, and wit because you understand how if feels at the bottom. You are strong because picking yourself up took strength. You are scarred yes, but that’s what makes you more beautiful, more interesting, and worth getting to know.

So don’t hide away from your failures because when you are traveling the world, sitting in your office, or rocking on your chair in your front porch someone will approach you and ask, ” How did you get here.?” And all your falls,all your pain, are gonna be inspirational stories for the generations after you. So go out and fall, learn, and get back up.

Remember, you can do this!!

” The past is for lessons, the future for possibilities, but today is for growth.”

-Lupita G.

Written by : Lupita

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