Change Your Mindset..

Many people want to succeed with the mentality of a victim and want to inspire with the mentality of self entitlement. No one ever succeeds by giving up, or feeling entitled. You succeed when you feel the obligation to your calling, your loved once, and to yourself. You get up and fight for something that matters every morning because not living for your truth is not living at all.

It does not matter who you are and what you have been through. If you change your mindset you change your situation. The beauty of taking responsibility for what has happened to you no matter how it happened, or by whom it happened, is that you now have control of your life. You can now take action to better your situation. Don’t give your power to others by being a victim. Playing yourself as a victim is another form of self entitlement. You feel entitled to be a victim. You feel you deserve sympathy from others. What is so great about that? Considering yourself a victim is not a triumph of survival. It is instead a rejection to true power. You are not what other people say you are or are not. You are who you choose to be. You are not what other people do to you instead how you choose to react. Everyone has the power to change their mindset it is up to us to decide to not be victims but instead champions of our minds and own situation. Choose power and your life will change forever.

Those that have heard my whole life story ask me how I was able to get up? Many people wanted me to play the victim, assumed I was a victim, and needed to place me in a victim box. The truth is that I use to feel entitled to being a victim. The moment I realized that I had the power to change who I was and how I reacted is the moment I began to truly triumph. I regained my power to write my story. And you can too.

“Considering yourself a victim is not a triumph of survival. It is instead a rejection to true power”


Written by: Lupita G.

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