Why Being Humble Is Needed In Success

Hey guys, I just want to start this blog by saying thank you! I got a great response from my blog Ten Habits That Will Help You Get What You Want In Life

I am very happy it has been able to help you guys and that people are reading. With so many people attached to social media reading seems like unicorn talk and that is depressing. Every time I hear you guys are reading it truly makes my day. I also want to say that you will never hear me say ” tips and tricks”. My blog is not about that. My blog is about habits, principles, and mindsets. I want you to truly succeed and that cannot be achieved with tricks. So now that we are all on the same page lets get started. Why is humbleness needed in success and in what ways can you be humble?

The more I read about successful people and when ever I encounter people that are making a difference there is something in common in the way they speak and carry themselves. It is less about them and more about others. They quote people and books as true fans of other’s work. They also have confidence to say there is so much they don’t know. Trailblazers never consider themselves “experts” that word doesn’t exist. They are truly people to admire. We are talking about people like Sam Walton, Colonel Sanders, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, and Indra Nooyi to mention a few. People truly successful are humble. Now don’t confuse humbleness and confidence. They are confident not in their amazingness but instead in their ability to figure things out. So what are seven ways you can show humbleness to reach success?

1.Humble to understand you can learn from everyone

People that are successful understand one important thing. They don’t know everything. They are never afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. They thrive because they ask for help, they question their surroundings, and ask themselves how they can be better. There is a story that really opened my eyes to this idea. It is Sam Walton’s story with Brazilian business owners. The story talks about how two Brazilian new business owners wanted to learn from already successful CEOs, so they wrote letters to a couple of them. None answered except Sam Walton. He invited them to his home and excited they accepted. They soon realized Sam Walton was asking them more questions than they were to him. At that moment they realized Sam Walton really invited them over so he could understand what they knew that he didn’t. You see Sam Walton was humble to understand that these new business owners could know something he didn’t. A multimillionaire understood newbies could have new knowledge. Respect everyone and what they have to offer.

2. Humble to read

Many people ask me how can they can get things done or how they can get ahead and my answer will always be read! Read on it. There are tons of books about everything. Your favorite actors and actresses read script after script. Your favorite billionaires read every day! Warren Buffet on average reads 800 pages a day, who are you to think you will get far without reading ? Sure there are videos now, great! However, reading will expand your vocabulary, it will grow your imagination and personally it increases my retention of information.

3. Humble to be around people more successful than them

I have seen this in people, they surround themselves with people that bring no value, with people that are more followers then leaders, why? Because they want to be the person on top, the person that impresses, the center of attention. There is a quote that says ” If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.” Why is that? The reason is that if you are the smartest you are not growing. Growth must be your priority. You can’t put yourself in a situation where you are teaching more than learning. Great leaders are great not by being the smartest but by being able to manager and bring people smarter than them together. Never let your ego make you afraid to be around smarter people. Don’t let your ego say ” Oh but I will look and feel dumb.” Those are the kind of people that go nowhere.

4. Humble in the way they treat others

Again, don’t let your ego do the talking. Be kind to everyone! Treat the janitor with the same respect you would treat a CEO. In my time in management I have learned that everyone is part of your team including the janitor and the housekeeper. If one fails it becomes a domino effect for a less successful team. Which means everyone’s role is imperative to your success. Treating every employee with that view will develop a great team.

5. Humble to do dirty work.

After Sam Walton invited the two Brazilians over to his home the Brazilians returned the favor and they invited him to Sao Paulo. On one of the nights of his visit the hosting family got a call from jail. They had arrested Sam Walton and needed to go pick him up. The family rushed to the jail and they asked the officers why they had arrested him. They told the officers who he was and the officers said they had found him on the floors of different store isles. When the family asked Sam Walton why he was on the floor he simply said he was measuring the isles. He wanted to know if there was something he didn’t know or wasn’t doing. He was willing to get on the floor of stores! That honestly made me question my hustle. What dirty work have I really done to achieve my dream? That’s when I decided to start taking action on my dream. Ask yourselves that question, are you willing to go that far? If a millionaire is willing to do the dirty work why are you too good to not do so?

6. Humble to knock on doors

This goes hand in hand with the last point. Are you willing to knock on doors and ask for opportunities? Are you humble enough to knock many times and hear the word no? I have been part of starting and opening new businesses . I have failed at a couple of business. I have sold at the parking lots of Wal-Mart. I have done cold calls. I have been rejected many times by many people and businesses but you have to be humble enough to go through that. Not everyone is willing to do these things. Be humble and start your business from the bottom. All great companies started from knocking doors to doors. Companies like McDonalds and Ragu. Even Warren Buffet started as a kid going door to door selling gum among other things. If you follow this states of mind of being humble you are in a better position than many people that think they know everything and don’t need to be humble.

7. Humble to adapt

There is a quote by Charles Darwin that says, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. it is the one that is most adaptable to change” So many times we get stuck in such a black and white idea of things. We want to achieve success in such a specific way and if we don’t we blame it on the world. Oh it was the economy, the market, my boss, but its never us. You have to be humble enough to admit when an idea is not working and adapt. Maybe you just need to tweak your idea. Maybe you need to change the whole idea but be able to adapt. Companies that don’t become extinct, people that don’t adapt don’t survive. If I had stuck to my guns of being in the corporate world I would have been lost and ultimately depressed when I had to stop working because of my health. I didn’t, I adapted. I knew I had something to offer the world so I began to blog and write a book.

Know that you can achieve success. You are capable of it. The questions is, are you willing? Are you willing to be humble and leave your ego at the door? To see the opportunities that are at your front door. It is never too late to adapt, to learn, to treat others better, and to surround yourself with the right people. You just have to face the reality that true success is reached with humility. Remember, you can do this!

True humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less
-C.S. Lewis

Written by: Lupita G.

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