8 Books That Changed My 2018

2018 Is coming to an end. While getting anxiety about everything you didn’t accomplish is a natural reaction. Or getting ahead of ourselves and think of all the resolutions we will promise to complete in 2019, I like to just pause and appreciate this year. 2018 was amazing, quick, but amazing. It was a year of revelations, and new beginnings. I got the courage to start this blog! Which may seem simple but it is one of the scariest things I have done in over 8 years. What gave me the confidence to begin this blog along with other changes is knowledge. I have said this to you before in previous blogs like https://betteryouspace.com/2018/07/29/ten-habits-that-will-help-you-get-what-you-want-in-life/ . 

Reading is the way to obtain knowledge. It is the best ways to not only expand your vocabulary, but it also expands your possibilities. If I could give you one piece of advice for 2019 it would be to read more. Knowledge is a ticket to a better life. Now even though reading on it’s own won’t make you a millionaire or get you out of a crappy situation, it helps you see how others became successful. It helps your creative juices flow. You can form ideas, ideals, and philosophies about life. These are my top 8 books that helped shape my 2018.

1. On Fire

By: John O’ Leary

This book is exactly that, a book on fire! John’s story is beyond inspiring. A public speaker that gives you seven choices to ignite you life. Despite a childhood accident that could have crippled others, gave him a chance to fight. This book here is the reason why today I find myself blogging and wanting to tell my story. This is what began everything for me. It was the key that ignited my purpose. If you read this book you will laugh, you will cry, you will want to take action on your life.

2. You Are A Badass

By: Jen Sincero

This book really smacks you with a reality check. It keeps it real with you but it gives you steps to really start to get your life on track. From her stories, to the steps you could take it is definitely a very entertaining and inspiring book. This gave me that extra push to just go for it. I highly recommend this book to all my ladies. I made the decision to start my blog after this book.

3. The Total Money Makeover

By: Dave Ramsey

Okay, so I had heard about Dave and what he was all about before I bought this book. Dave Ramsey is a finance guru that through his program helps you become debt free. It wasn’t until I bought the book though that I began my total money makeover. In order to move forward I needed to clean the mess my bad habits had created. This book will help you realize some nasty truths, about you, and about society. It brings you clarity to your financial life and gets rid of the overwhelmed feeling that freezes many of us. I am happy to say that I am almost debt free! I highly, I mean highly! recommend this book! This book is for everyone. Don’t let debt freeze you and let a good life slip away.

4. The Power Of Habit

By: Charles Duhigg

Speaking of habits, this book breaks it down in science why we have certain habits. This book is not only helpful but it is fascinating! I have always been fascinated by the science of product placement, customer experience, and marketing. The psychology of all of it and how all of that ties to our everyday lives. This book will help you stop bad habits and replace them with better ones. Loved this book! It helped me understand my habits in a scientific way and how to approach change in a simple way.

5. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

By: Mark Manson

Now that I decided to take action, I got my bad habits in check, and made a leap to start something new. Now unnecessary noise needed to be silenced. That is what this book does. It really helps you analyze what you must care about. As well as what to simply ignore. How to reach a good life by letting go. Such a great book. It brought clarity to things I needed to let go.

6. Rhinoceros Success

By: Scott Alexander

This book was such a hype book for me. It is so interesting how so much value could be put in such a small book. This book is short but it gets to the point of a mentality needed to be successful. Gem after gem delivered in a silly Rhinoceros’ way. I read this book in about an hour and a half, I could not put it down! It made me laugh but I also learned.

7. Designing Your Life

By: Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

My nerds that love structure will love this book. For free spirits like me, this is a very necessary book. It teaches you how to analyze efficiently your life to see what areas need work. It teaches you how to log, yes my free spirits, log. The purpose of this is to figure out what activities are draining you and which are fueling you. As well as what areas you have completely neglected. This book taught me a method to reach true life balance.

8. One Question

By: Ken Coleman

This book is amazing! Ken Coleman helps you get answers to difficult life questions. He shares interviews he has had with such amazing people that give you gold! Ken Coleman has inspired me to have the desire to ask, ask often, but ask the right questions. The questions I asked have led me to experiment with my style of blogging, motivating, and inspiring you to take action.

Written by: Lupita G.

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