Mental Health And Success-10 Things To Keep In Mind When Pursuing Success With A Mental Illness

When we think of a successful person, we think of someone well put together. We tend to think of someone that knows what they want, goes and gets it and doesn’t apologize for it. Describing success is never pared with anxiety and depression.

As a matter of fact, mental illness is often paired with underperformance, and limitations. In 1986 the Journal of Labor Economics conducted a study and concluded that mental illness had a negative affect in someone’s earnings, and their ability to get and stay married.

However, if we examine those that are changing the world in their field and those that have made in impact in the world most of them suffer or suffered from a mental illness. According to the magazine Entrepreneur, many scientist, psychologist, economists, business school professors,and management experts have started studying this topic. What they conclude is how mental illness is not only common in entrepreneurs but may also work as fuel for success. There are certain positive traits to mental illness that drive entrepreneurs and pioneers to produce excellent work.

Sure, having a mental illness is not healthy. We must all seek help if we are suffering from a mental illness. But what this can bring light to is how there is no real limitation to success. There is no mental illness that can really stop you from creating work that changes the world.

And now with this new wave of self care and being more aware we can now have success without pushing ourselves to the breaking point. Most importantly, we can pursue success even with a mental illness and know we are not alone and that we can actually create change. These are 12things you can keep in mind when seeking success without burning out. These are 12things that I have personally kept in mind when producing work for you guys.

1.Be aware

Being aware of your symptoms, triggers, and how you respond to them can be the best thing you can do. The more aware you are, the better you will act in situations instead of reacting. If you have noticed that your productivity drops on days that you answer emails first thing in the morning because you end up stressed out then learn to do your work first, then answer emails. This realization can only come from being aware of you feel. Constantly ask questions.

2.Be honest

This wave of self care comes after a long time of entrepreneurs, pioneers, and people seeking success feeling like they couldn’t speak up about being burnt out. People were just suppose to work till they dropped, and we would then see them on television after they had a breakdown. This can’t be the case for you if you can to reach success without losing it. Be honest, if you are reaching a point of being overwhelmed. You owe it to yourself and all the people that you are leading. Speaking up will ensure you are able to have longevity.

3.Set boundaries

This is so important for any healthy relationships but it is even more important for those with mental illness. Understanding your boundaries and communicating them to your business partners, friends, colleagues will help you navigate relationship without feeling like relationships are 80/20.

4. Say no

If it drains you mentally or emotionally,say no. Its as simple as that. I have talked to you about this in a previous blog (10 thingsto say no toa in order to achieve what you want ) but saying yes may seem like its a bad thing but it is such a freeing action.

5.Prioritize your health

It is no secret that lack of sleep can lead to stress and feeling depressed. Thesame goes for bad eating habits can lead to low moods. Make sure to prioritize your health. Workout regularly. Help yourself by keeping your body as healthy as possible. I talk about this more in 15 tips to optimize your energy and in 10 thing that will help you get what you want out of life Health is so important for your mental health and to have energy to pursue success.

6. Harness it to benefit you

Talented artist have been known for channeling their dark times to create great art. The same for poets, Newton used his bipolar disorder to create and push his scientific discoveries. Steve Jobs used his OCD to be detail oriented and be part of the creation for many of our every day technology. Frida used her depression to create art that touched our souls. Learn to see the positive of your situations. Use it to fuel amazing creations.

7. Ride the wave of flow

Depression can come with very low moments and as creatives that can lead to moments of creativity. We feel the pain more vivid, so creative people like writers, painters, poets can actually create amazing work. Tha same goes with any other mental illness. There are moments when our pain can actually create a wave of innovation, creation, and great progress. Allow yourself to ride the wave and let it go once it is gone. I know this is not easy to do but that is when being aware comes in.

8.Self care

Self care is beyond important. Its not just for women that want to go to spas. More and more entrepreneurs are starting to understand the importance of self care. This can be anything that destresses, centers, and energizes you. We all need a break and in order to create and give then world our best we must maintain ourselves at our best. Self care can really help us get there.

9.Stop the guilt

Guilt can cause our symptoms to get worse. We begin to over think our actions, our reactions. It is good to be aware but to the point of obsession. Also don’t guilt yourself for taking moments for yourself. I know this is something I need to work on. I guilt myself for not producing enough work when I need to step back but we must understand that in order to have longevity we need to be able to step back.

10.Seek help

I cant stress this enough, seek help! I know that there are positive traits to mental illness and entrepreneurship but ultimately if mental illness doesn’t get addressed it can lead to tragic events. Speak up! A therapist can actually help you understand your triggers and help you manage your reactions among other things.

11. Connect to nature

Harvard Medical school last year published a piece on a new piece on a new type of therapy. Its called ecotherapy. It has been found that those that reconnect with earth and spend time in nature tend to be less stressed, less depressed and less anxious. PhilosopherJason Silva has also talked about the importance nature is to be more aware, and to have moments of awe. Which has been said moments awe can actually lead to creative juices to flow and ultimately a state of flow can happen. So make sure you reconnect with nature more often.

12. Know you can achieve success no matter what

Ultimately, I want you to know that you can achieve anything. It doesn’t matter your circumstances or your health. Success is possible for those that truly want it and are willing to work for it. Don’t feel like your depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder or any other mental illness for that matter can stop you. Remember you can do this!

Written by: Lupita G.

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