Mental Health And Chronic Illness

Chronic illness can very difficult to live with. So is living with mental health issues. So what happens when you have them both? Let me explain what can happen plus 5 tips that can help when you have a chronic illness with a mental heath issue.

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Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness month, celebrated in May, is such a special and important month for me. As someone that has experienced multiple mental health issues in her life, bringing awareness to this is very important. For so long there has been a stigma around mental health issues and what it meant for the person suffering... Continue Reading →

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Intimacy With A Chronic Illness

Sex, the beautiful intimacy between people.Where breathing gets deeper, heart starts racing, the excitement, and the anticipation of two bodies coming together. Sex is such a fun and healthy beneficial activity. It has the potential to reduce the risk of heart attacks because it reduces high blood pressure. During sex your body releases more hormones,... Continue Reading →

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Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears- Les Brown

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My Time In Jail Pt. 2

*Note: Before I begin part 2 if you haven't read part 1 here is a link My time in jail Pt. 1 . In order to really understand this blog you must understand it from the beginning. I migrated to the U.S with my family at the age of five. My family and I came... Continue Reading →

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My time in jail Pt. 1

I sat there in disbelief almost in denial. I felt a kid-like sense of safety. I thought to myself, I did nothing wrong, I will get everything sorted out and I will be on my way. That day started like any other, little did I know it would end the way it did. I was... Continue Reading →

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24 Tips For Better Mental Health -Depression

Depression is something many of us have suffered from or are currently suffering. Over 300 million people live with depression worldwide today. I certainly have suffered from depression. After my father passed away when I was fifteen years old I began to struggle with my mental health. Then in difficult moments of life like my... Continue Reading →

7 Immigrants That Prove We Can Make It Too

We can't deny that the United States has seen a change in environment the past couple years that has created division. Progressive and inclusive ideas towards immigrants have been traded for ancient ideals for this country.What can many times be forgotten though, is the contribution immigrants bring to this country not only in culture, and... Continue Reading →

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