My Time In Jail Pt. 2

*Note: Before I begin part 2 if you haven't read part 1 here is a link My time in jail Pt. 1 . In order to really understand this blog you must understand it from the beginning. I migrated to the U.S with my family at the age of five. My family and I came... Continue Reading →

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My time in jail Pt. 1

I sat there in disbelief almost in denial. I felt a kid-like sense of safety. I thought to myself, I did nothing wrong, I will get everything sorted out and I will be on my way. That day started like any other, little did I know it would end the way it did. I was... Continue Reading →

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Be Your #1 Fan

These past couple of days I watched something interesting happen to us. We had the World Series going on, basketball, football, and the all exciting lottery. I saw people get so excited, nervous, anxious, emotional, passionate, and most of all happy. How is it that something we have no control over can get us this... Continue Reading →

How Mental Health impacts Latinos

Mental Illness is something that has existed for hundreds of years. Amazing and talented people like Frida Kahlo suffered from depression. Her life was full of difficult moments and you can see how she used her art as an outlet for her deep sorrow and mental battles. This makes one thing clear, mental illness is... Continue Reading →

What We Take For Granted

Oh how much we take for granted.I stood there upset , wanting a moment of silence. A moment to myself. I just wanted silence! I closed my eyes and I remembered all the times I was alone. The coldness I felt, the pain, then suddenly loneliness filled my body. A rush of sadness reached my... Continue Reading →

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