My Time In Jail Pt. 2

*Note: Before I begin part 2 if you haven't read part 1 here is a link My time in jail Pt. 1 . In order to really understand this blog you must understand it from the beginning. I migrated to the U.S with my family at the age of five. My family and I came... Continue Reading →

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My time in jail Pt. 1

I sat there in disbelief almost in denial. I felt a kid-like sense of safety. I thought to myself, I did nothing wrong, I will get everything sorted out and I will be on my way. That day started like any other, little did I know it would end the way it did. I was... Continue Reading →

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This Is Your moment-Motivation

It is the beginning of a new year, a chance to start fresh. Many people will have resolutions, they will make promises they will not keep. Not you! This year you will have goals. You will make plans and every day you will take one action that will get you closer. All you need is... Continue Reading →

8 Books That Changed My 2018

2018 Is coming to an end. While getting anxiety about everything you didn't accomplish is a natural reaction. Or getting ahead of ourselves and think of all the resolutions we will promise to complete in 2019, I like to just pause and appreciate this year. 2018 was amazing, quick, but amazing. It was a year... Continue Reading →

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